Swamp Thing S:1; E:5

Hey y’all, welcome back! It’s time for us to head out to the Louisiana bayous and check in on the continuing adventures of Swamp Thing!

If you’re new to Spectacular Optical you might not have heard that I plan on watching and blogging about all 72 episodes of the 1990s live action TV show: SWAMP THING THE SERIES!

Today we’re discussing episode 5 (only 67 more posts left!). If  you want to start at the beginning, click HERE for S:1, E:1

Okay then…let’s do this!

Season 1, episode 5: BLOOD WIND

Here we go again…I seriously have high hopes for this one folks! I know it’s been a disappointing 4 episodes over the past 8 months…so things have just got to get better this time around!

And how can I be so sure?

Well, first up:

The title of today’s episode is BLOOD WIND! Pretty rad right? It sounds like it could be a KREATOR song off of PLEASURE TO KILL or something!

Wait…y’all don’t remember KREATOR? Dude, they were this awesome German thrash band from the 80s:

Anyone? No? Oooo-kay then….

So my second reason is:

Arcane is back and his hair is looking fan-fucking-tastic as usual!

And my third reason is:


I know she usually bugs the crap out of me, but she’s just oozing so much 90s style today that I couldn’t help but be totally enamored with her.

Oh, and her hair is just about perfect. Seriously…she’s like a Pantene commercial.

I know, you’re just dying to know what this one is all about…hold on to your hats, it’s a doozy!

So Arcane and his weirdo assistant/”Number 2” have been working on this crazy pheromone formula (made from “brain tissue from a live brain“) that will cause people to go into a murderous rage once they get a whiff of it. It seems like pretty dangerous sciencey stuff, so obviously Arcane and Number 2 keep it in a mason jar.

After a few half-assed experiments the boys decide their pheromone formula is bunk and Number 2 figures he’ll dispose of their failure in the swamps.  As per usual, Swamp Thing is just lurking around hiding behind a bush or whatever (instead of doing cool shit like busting the heads of Ophidian, Cranius, or even Patchwork Man) so he’s able to stop Number 2 from polluting the bayou with his mason jar of maliciousness.

Oh, and get this load of dialog:

Swamp Thing: “What is this?”

Number 2: “Waste….Dr. Holland…Toxic waste.”

Swamp Thing: “You picked the swamp to get rid of it!?

Number 2: “I have no toilet in my lab.”

You know why he doesn’t have a toilet in his lab? ‘Cause his “lab” is just some chemistry shit he borrowed from the local community college and shoved into the back of his creepy rape van.

Nice set up amateur…can you tell me where the M.S.D.S. books are? And what’s up with the lack of PPE in there? Maybe you should watch THIS VIDEO and then try again.

Anyway, Swampy takes the jar and sends Number 2 on his way without so much as a fist to the face…what is wrong with this Swamp Thing?! Why won’t he hit someone? Sigh…

Once Swampy is alone with the jar he decides to open it up and see what’s doin’…and while it’s not as foul as the VICE GROSS JAR 2.0, it still packs one hell of a punch. So much so that Swamp Thing gets all bug-a-boo and loses the damn lid to the jar and frantically sets the murderous-rage-inducing-pheromone-formula on an old stump…

…and then wanders off to hide behind a tree ’cause he hears someone coming…and that someone is none other than Tressa. I bet you can’t guess what happens next.

If your guess is that Tressa gets totally gassed like a poor little bunny in one of  Victor Meyer‘s mustard gas experiments, you’d be 100% correct.

Smooth move, Swamp Thing.

Tressa survives her encounter with the noxious fumes and kind of brushes the whole incident off. She ends up heading home and jumping in the shower before tooting down to the art gallery to do some shopping.

Jesus, it’s taking me forever to get through this episode….I’d be seriously amazed if any of y’all have made it this far into this post.

If you think my descriptions of SWAMP THING THE SERIES are long winded you should check out ARCANE KNOWLEDGE‘s EPISODE GUIDE!

I seriously love this site…here’s one of the paragraphs describing what happens next in this particular episode:

A little while later, Tressa’s now finished her shower and is robed again. As she walks into the bedroom, she adds some final drying touches to her neck with a towel, which she puts down on the bed afterwards. She then sits on the edge of the bed and picks up a stocking, which she starts to put on. As she does so, she begins to rub her leg again, just like before, and then smells both her hands as though something bad is still on her despite the shower, but she can’t tell what it is. Not satisfied, she begins to rub her leg hard with the towel to try and remove whatever it is. Her whole demeanour is full of anxiety. Eventually, she puts down the towel and puts the other stocking on, still not looking completely happy.

Pretty great right? It’s like a novelization of the TV show!

I wonder how long it took to whip up these incredibly detailed episode guides? It’s truly amazing and awe inspiring how much work was put into that site.

Obviously I don’t have the same kind of dedication (or endurance) so I’m just going to blaze through the rest of this and let the screenshots do the talking…

Tressa is infected with the pheromone formula and everyone she comes into contact with decides to try and murder her.

Like this nice old lady.

And this nice old bear.

And some dude who might be JOHN BLACK from DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

Oh man…remember when “The Pawn” aka John Black was trying to figure out who he was way back in 1986?!

Yeah…I used to watch Days…what of it? But so did my mom…and this girl I had a crush on in middle school…Wendy Chapman. I wonder what ever happened to Wendy…

Oh sorry…got a little sidetracked there.

Everyone who gets a whiff of Tressa is overcome with an uncontrollable urge to murder her right? So she runs into the swamps to try and find some shelter from the crazies on her tail!

But get this….even the friggin’ swamp wants her dead! And then things start to get all EVIL DEAD.

But guess who’s hiding in the bushes, just hanging around, ready to save the day?

Swampy talks to the trees and tells them “She is life. You must not destroy,” and the trees agree to let Tressa go. Then he catches Arcane and Number 2 (without any fighting) creeping around the swamp and forces them to make an antidote.

Once the antidote is whipped up, Swamp Thing sends a child to deliver it to Tressa…Swamp Thing gambles on the fact that since Jim is Tressa’s son he  won’t try and murder her when he gets close enough to give her the cure.

I guess that kind of makes sense…except for the fact that all she has to do is inhale the fumes from a jar…it’s not like anyone has to administer a shot. Why couldn’t they just leave the mason jar full of antidote on a stump and tell Tressa to go sniff on it from a distance? I guess it doesn’t really matter.

So Tressa is saved and Swamp Thing looks all relieved as he hides in the bushes watching…watching and waiting for the next exciting episode of SWAMP THING THE SERIES!

So that’s that…stay tuned for more SWAMP THING THE SERIES coverage right here at Spectacular Optical!

Swamp Thing S:1;E:4

Hey y’all, welcome back! It’s time for us to head out to the Louisiana bayous and check in on the continuing adventures of Swamp Thing!

If you’re new to Spectacular Optical you might not have heard that I plan on watching and blogging about all 72 episodes of the 1990s live action TV show: SWAMP THING THE SERIES!

Today we’re discussing episode 4 (only 68 more posts left!). If  you want to start at the beginning, click HERE for S:1, E:1

Okay then…let’s do this!

Season 1, episode 4: FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Alright, with a title like that I’m positive we’re gonna’ finally get to some monster bashing with this episode! Maybe some zombies…or even a ghost?



What I got was 23 minutes and 36 seconds of the most boring Swamp Thing yet. No zombies…no ghosts…just a lawyer, a missing will, and some dreams of an old lady. Booooring.

So here’s the quickest recap of an episode yet. Savanna Langford is still dead and her daughter, Tressa, and grandson, Jim, miss her dearly. A nebbish lawyer shows up at the Langford house with some bad news…

Seems like Savanna cut Tressa and Jim out of her will and left the house to the County.

Tressa can’t believe this is really happening to her and young Jim. All of her doubts seem to be manifesting themselves into some sepia-toned dreams of her mother singing a song about a ship.

Maybe these dreams are some sort of message from Savanna…from beyond the grave?

Spoiler: they are.

Thankfully Anton Arcane shows up for all of about 5 minutes. He’s behind this whole fake will thing and he’s blackmailed the lawyer into “getting rid” of Tressa before she finds a copy of the original will. He threatens the lawyer’s wife and kids lives and then shoves a hotdog into the poor slob’s mouth just to show he means business.

Swamp Thing does absolutely nothing in this episode except for his standard lurking behind a bush and/or a tree routine. Why this is his series is beyond me. He’s pretty much making cameo appearances at this point.

Tressa’s dreams lead her to a stump in the swamp where her mother hid a copy of the original will.

Man, as soon as she stuck her hand in that stump all I could think about was this scene from FLASH GORDON (1980):

Damn, I love that movie…remember the football fight scene?


Nothing like that happened here though…Tressa just finds the will in a Ziploc freezer bag.

The lawyer shows up with a bow and arrow to kill Tressa but screws it all up and gets eaten by an alligator (off screen). I guess Swampy summoned the alligator to eat the lawyer…it’s not really clear…Swamp Thing just stood behind some leaves and peered at everyone with a constipated look plastered all over his green mug.

Cut to a shirtless Arcane freaking out in his subterranean lair…guess Tressa finding the copy of the original will foiled his evil plans…whatever they were.

Then the episode ends with Tressa and Jim visiting Savanna’s grave. YAWN.

68 more episodes to go! Maybe episode 5 will be good? It’s called BLOOD WIND…as usual the title almost has me hopeful…almost.

So that’s that…stay tuned for more SWAMP THING THE SERIES coverage right here at Spectacular Optical!

Swamp Thing S:1; E:3

Hey y’all, welcome back! It’s time for us to head out to the Louisiana bayous and check in on the continuing adventures of Swamp Thing!

(I know it’s been a while, but I’m a busy man and blogging about Swamp Thing The Series really hasn’t been on the top of my list these days….thankfully, no one seems to have missed this little segment all that much…and by “all that much” I mean, “at all”.)

If you’re new to Spectacular Optical you might not have heard that I plan on watching and blogging about all 72 episodes of the 1990s live action TV show: SWAMP THING THE SERIES!

Today we’re discussing episode 3 (only 69 more posts left!). If  you want to start at the beginning, click HERE for S:1, E:1

Okay then…let’s do this!

Season 1, episode 3: TREASURE

You may or may not remember from way back in November that I was pretty excited about this episode…with a title like “Treasure“, I was sure there would be some swamp pirates for our pal Swampy to tussle with.

Sadly, there are no pirates…and even sadder, there’s really no one for Swamp Thing to fight. We’re 3 episodes into this series and the lack of men in rubber suits punching the crap out of each other is really distressing. I’m starting to think I should have just watched the 90s animated series….the cartoon intro has more action in one minute than the first 3 live action episodes put together:

Oh well…as mom used to say, “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.”

I will say I was happy that we actually got to see more of Swamp Thing than in the first couple of episodes. Right from the jump we have Swampy out in the open digging through some garbage…I’m assuming the swamp summoned him here to find some sort of treasure or something.

And if you think a briefcase full of money buried under an old sink is treasure, then my assumption would be correct. But how did it get there? Turns out a ne’er-do-well with a soon to be fatal heart condition named Buckholt (Kevin Corrigan) stashed it in the swamp before wandering over to the old Langford house.

Buckholt meets our young hero, Jim, and tells him some cock and bull story about being Savanna Langford’s son (making him Jim’s uncle and Tressa’s brother) and asks if he can use the bathroom…seems that his “heart condition” is acting up making Bucky all nauseous and pukey feeling. Not being the brightest of kids, Jim admits he’s all alone in the house and takes his new found “uncle” inside.

Once the near-delirious Bucky makes it to the bathroom he starts rambling to Jim about stolen money, heart failure, and his mysterious killer girlfriend, Eleanor. You see, Eleanor is one crazy bitch that’s on the hunt for the briefcase full of cash…and she’s ready to kill for it! Bucky passes out in exhaustion leaving Jim in a bit of a pickle…call an ambulance or run off into the swamps to look for his ol’ pal, Swamp Thing?

Of course Jim chooses unwisely and hightails it out of the house to convince Swampy to come help his dying “uncle”. At first Swamp Thing is pretty bitchy about the prospect of leaving the safety of his swamp and facing the possibility of being seen, but Jim eventually wins him over with lots of whining and a smidgen of guilt tripping. Jim gets Swamp Thing to the house, but before they can figure out what to do with the passed out stranger in the bathroom Tressa shows up.

And I’ll be damned if she’ wasn’t dressed in her best Aunt Martha inspired attire! This outfit totally makes up for her lack of bangs in episode 2…

Anyway, Jim hides Swampy in his room and lets his mom deal with finding a strange, dying guy on her bathroom floor. While Tressa bitches Jim out about Stranger Danger and calls an ambulance, Swamp Thing slips out of Jim’s room and up to the attic….

Here’s where I got my hopes up for this episode and maybe even for the rest of the series. If Swamp Thing was never going to get to fighting some other monsters, wouldn’t it be great if things got all FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC with some incest, physical and emotional abuse, blood drinking and poison cookies?


Really? I can’t be the only guy that has an interest in V.C. Andrews novels and Swamp Thing…I’m sure Alan Moore must have been inspired by at least one of Ms. Andrews’ Gothic series.

Hey, remember when the guy that directed BLOOD BEACH adapted FLOWERS… into a movie?

Ooooh, that Louise Fletcher plays such a good bitch…and speaking of bitches, I guess I should get back to Swamp Thing…and Eleanor. Remember I mentioned her way back in the beginning of this rambling post?

She’s “Uncle” Bucky’s psychopathic ex that’s hot on the trail of the briefcase full of money Swamp Thing found in the swamp dump. So, she breaks into Tressa and Jim’s house looking for the loot…and she came packing heat and a face full of crazy!

She confronts Jim in his bedroom in what can only be described as a lifetime fetish in the making moment…

Jim crumbles under Eleanore’s weirdly hot questioning and spills the beans that the stolen money is in the dump. Well, I guess knowing where to find the cash wasn’t enough to satisfy the psycho power trip fueling Eleanore so she makes sure to really fuck poor Jim up by shooting his mom right in front of his eyes.

That’s right, she shoots Tressa dead…point blank in the boob no less. With her blood lust satisfied Eleanore makes a mad dash out of the house to snatch up that briefcase! Luckily for the dearly departed Tressa, Swamp Thing is still lurking around the Langford house…so he uses one of his many planty powers to bring her back to life.

Sigh….I wish Swampy would have gotten all Ed Harris in THE ABYSS and given her “the slap of life” just so he could finally be hitting someone…but nooooo, Swamp Thing’s powers are much more delicate and sensitive.

Whatever….at least things picked up a bit once we got back to Eleanore and the pig-man. Oh yeah, there’s a pig-man that shows up in the swamps and shoots Eleanore as soon as she finds the briefcase.

And then she dies in the garbage. Seems like Karma is an even bigger bitch than Eleanore. The end.

 I sure hope we see that pig-man again…and where the Hell was Arcane? Hopefully things will pick up with episode 4…tune in next time for more ramblings about SWAMP THING THE SERIES only at Spectacular Optical!

Swamp Thing S:1, E:2

Hey y’all, welcome back! It’s time for us to head out to the Louisiana bayous and check in on the continuing adventures of Dr. Anton Arca– I mean, Swamp Thing!

If you’re new to Spectacular Optical you might not have heard that I plan on watching and blogging about the entire run of the 1990s live action TV show: SWAMP THING THE SERIES!

I have no set schedule or time frame for completing this Herculean feat of swampy immersion, but I guarantee I’m gonna’ stick to it for as long as it takes to get through all 72 episodes.

And guess what?  Today we’re discussing episode 2 (only 70 more posts left!). If  you want to start at the beginning, click HERE for S:1, E:1

Okay then…let’s do this!

Season 1, episode 2: FALCO

Wait a minute…before you go getting all excited, let me warn you: this episode has absolutely nothing to do with a particular 80s Austrian pop rock juggernaut…so let’s just get that out of your system before we move on.

Better? Good.

Episode 2 starts off with a bang with an unnamed gunman popping out of the bushes and opening fire on the funeral service for Savanna Langford…if you don’t recall, Savanna is Tressa Kipp’s mom and grandmother to our young hero, Jim Kipp.

If you’re anything like me then I bet you’re head is swimming with all sorts of questions like, “how did Savanna die?” and “was she murdered?” and “who the heck was that guy with the gun?” and “why was his arm in a sling?” and “was that a flintlock pistol?” and “why was Arcane at the funeral?” and…anyway, you get the picture…I have lots of questions and it’s only been 44 seconds into the episode.

Turns out we weren’t the only onlookers at Savanna’s funeral…Swamp Thing was up to his usual camouflaged voyeur technique and saw the whole thing as well. He also saw the one armed, would be assassin hide his gun in a tree stump and wander off into the bayou. Once the coast was clear Swampy finally emerged from his hiding spot and used one of his many useful(?) powers: he turned the gun into a plant!

Wow. Great. No one will ever use that gun again.

I sure hope we get to some full on monster bashing at some point in this series…I’m seriously ready for hot monster on monster action. I know  it’s only been a couple of episodes but I’m already tired of Swampy’s less than proactive role in his own series.

So then we’re back at Jim’s grandma’s house where Jim and his mom decide to stay in Louisiana and make grandma’s house their new home. Oh and real quick: I have to admit that even though I’m impressed by the increased width of Tressa’s shoulder pads, I am disappointed in the reduction of  her bangs from the 1st episode….

….thankfully, Dr. Arcane is keeping it real in the hair and shoulder pad department. Take note ladies gentelemen, this is how it’s done.

Man, Anton is looking sharp as usual….I think I’m developing a serious man-crush on our dapper mad scientist. But enough about that….Arcane pumps young Jim for some info on the funeral shooter and figures out that the assassin’s bullet was meant for him! He also takes time out from his busy schedule of human-animal husbandry to put the moves on Tressa by inviting himself over later for tea and his homemade cucumber sandwiches!

Cucumber sandwiches?!  Damn playa’ can you get any cooler? I doubt it.

After setting up his date, Arcane hotfoots it over to an abandoned warehouse to go through some slides of his past and current experiments in an effort to figure out which one of them might want him dead…and little does he know, he’s being tailed by the one armed shooter.

Just who is this man and why does he want Arcane dead? Turns out, he’s another one of Arcane’s insane experiments…with a twist!

Falco isn’t the usual human-animal hybrid Arcane is know for. You see, he once was a beautiful peregrine falcon “as free as the wind” but Dr. Arcane found a way to turn about 98% of him into a man!

We find all this out once Falco runs into Swampy on his way to retrieve his gun. Instead of punching each other repeatedly in the face, Falco and Swampy wax philosophical about anguish, murder, birds, human nature, and being true to yourself.

Falco wants to be what nature intended him to be and fly again but Swamp Thing pretty much tells him to get over it and gets all new agey with some encouraging words, “A man can fly on the wings of his spirit…but not if the spirit is weighted down with bitterness and hatred…or stained with blood…be what you are and you’ll fly again.”

Not surprisingly Falco doesn’t take any comfort in Swampy’s speech and rushes off into the swamp…and then things almost get exciting! One of Arcane’s escaped pet projects attacks Falco and they fight for about a half a second until Swamp Thing breaks it up.

Sigh…I was really hoping we’d get to some monster fisticuffs but instead we’re treated to more sage advice from Swampy as he consoles Jim at his grandmother’s grave. I have to admit, it was kind of cool to see Alec Holland’s tombstone though…

Instead of hanging with Preachy McPlant-man, Jim decides to head home…he sees that mom is busy enjoying some tea and cucumber sandwiches with her new suitor, Dr. Arcane, so he hops in a rowboat to go clear his head. Turns out Jim is a horrible boater and falls into the swamp…unfortunately, Jim is also a horrible swimmer and starts drowning.

Falco also shows up at Jim’s house to finally kill his creator but Jim’s cries for help are too much for Falco to ignore! Swampy also hears Jim’s hysterical screaming and shows up just in time to see Falco abandon his murder plot to save the life of a child…I feel a soon to be patented Swamp Thing I told you so type of lesson coming on.

Falco revives Jim with his one-handed CPR technique (minus any rescue breaths) as Swampy watches…once Jim is revived, Swampy sends him home to sleep it off and hits Falco with that I told so I was expecting without actually saying the words:

Swamp Thing: “Can a bird save a boy’s life?”

Falco: “When he started to breathe…I…when I realized I had made him live again…it was like I was flying!”

Falco smiles and looks towards the heavens…

Cut to a bird screech and a shot of a falcon soaring through the clear blue skies!

End credits.

Really? That’s what I get for an ending?

Might as well have just tacked this on…

So that’s that….stay tuned for more SWAMP THING THE SERIES coverage right here at Spectacular Optical! Episode 3 is called “Treasureso I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some swamp pirates!

Swamp Thing S:1, E:1

You ever have one of those really great ideas that you never find the time to get around to? I’m not talking about cleaning out your garage, memorizing all the American presidents in chronological order, or learning how to ice skate…I’m talking about something that could possibly change your life forever.

Well, I had one of those ideas about a year ago. And as my great ideas usually go I just never found the time to put it into action. It was always something…new baby, school, work, lack of enthusiasm…

Well, starting today all that’s gonna’ change and I’m going to get cracking on my really great idea!

I plan on watching and blogging about all 72 episodes of SWAMP THING THE SERIES right here on Spectacular Optical!

Now I’m absolutely positive this will in no way whatsoever increase the traffic to Spectacular Optical…so I’m under no pressure to stick to any schedule or time frame (or even worry about the quality of the posts)….and that’s just the way we like it around these parts.

Oh, and don’t go expecting a whole bunch of technical specs and deep background information from me…I’ll leave that stuff to other websites like the awesome ARCANE KNOWLEDGE and the handful of other Swamp Thing related sites on the internet.

Okay then…let’s do this!

Season 1, episode 1: THE EMERALD HEART

The series opens with a sweet shot of a dwarf hanging upside down in the middle of a swamp and then the opening credits kick in….lots of swampy goodness like trees, alligators, lizards, a boat, more trees, Swamp Thing walking, even more trees and in lieu of an origin story we get this great voice over:

The Swamp is my world
It is who I am… It is what I am.
I was once a man.
I know the evil men do.
Do not bring your evil here, I warn you…
Do not incur the wrath of…Swamp Thing!

Episode 1 gives us quite a bit of set up and not much Swamp Thing…which is okay I guess…we’re introduced to 11-year-old compulsive liar Jim Kipp (Jess Ziegler), his single mom Tressa (Carrell Myers), his grandmother Savanna (Patricia Helwick), Humphrey the dwarf, and the amazingly coiffed Mark Lindsay Chapman as Dr. Anton Arcane.

I know this is Swamp Thing’s show, but I’m a sucker for a good villain…and based on this first episode, I have a feeling that Dr. Arcane and his ridiculously large hair-do and shoulder pads are going to be the reasons I watch all 72 episodes…And if he lets me down, there’s always Tressa’s magnificent bangs and smaller, subtler shoulder pads to keep me tuning in.

So anyway, Jim rescues a dwarf, has his boat stolen by mutated Toad Boy and befriends a swamp monster all in one afternoon…this is clearly the best day in any 11 year old’s life, never mind in the life of a displaced, at risk tween like Jim. Of course Jim’s mom just doesn’t believe a word of any of this and decides to pack Jim up and send him away from the swamp and all its Huckleberry Finn-esque adventures (minus the whole post-Civil war racial prejudice stuff).

Swamp Thing gets some screen time and uses it well by talking crazy talk to Jim (“Only dumb kids dream. The more I tell you about myself, the less you know. This swamp is me! The Swamp is me. I am The Swamp!“) and by using his cool swampy powers to bring the recently murdered Humphrey back to life and turning one of Arcane’s killer goons into a living tree-man!

There’s a bit more blah, blah, blah about the emerald heart necklace, Jim’s socialization problems and Tressa’s childhood but then things pick up again when Dr. Arcane and his early 90s, side ponytail wearing “salacious dish” find the escaped Humphrey and take him back to Arcane’s super-creepy, super-secret cave hideout. Turns out Humphrey was slated to be one of the doctor’s craaazy experiments in genetic engineering….you see, once Arcane graduated from a major medical school at age 19 he turned to a lifetime of translocating phenomenal genetic material from one species to another

…that’s right, we’re talking the most egregious abuses of medical research: HUMAN-ANIMAL HYBRIDS! In addition to his medically deviant ways, Arcane further struts his bad guy stuff by intimidating his date by introducing her to his chained up genetic “failures”, slaps said date around a bit for having a smart mouth, and then makes his date do a striptease (that’s all tease and no strip) to sexually torture poor a dwarf.

Eventually Arcane tires of this erotically-charged, dance-induced suffering to Humphrey’s pants area so he pulls out a gun and puts Humphrey down with a shot to the dome. Seriously you guys, Anton Arcane must have received his doctorate in Jerkology…and I can hardly wait to see what he does next.

After that bit of awesomeness we’re back to Jim’s grandma’s house…Tressa decides to let Jim stay in the swamps with grandma while she hightails it back to Philadelphia, childless and without a care in the world! Naturally, Jim is totally stoked and we’re primed and ready for the adventure to continue in episode 2!

So that’s that….stay tuned for more SWAMP THING THE SERIES coverage right here at Spectacular Optical!

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