Scream, Sally, Scream

Turns out marijuana really is a gateway drug…a gateway to Sally’s death in NEW YEAR’S EVIL (1980)!

And as a New Year’s present from yours truly, here’s the rockin’ theme song by SHADOW!!!

Scream, Nameless Wife, Scream

Mary Ellen Trainor gets naughty in the Robert Zemeckis directed “AND ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE“.

1989 was an excellent year for talented directors and wonderful actors to sink their teeth into some good old fashioned graphic violence, profanity, gore, nudity and some sexual situations in HBO‘s TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

Scream, Chrissie, Scream

Christine ‘Chrissie’ Watkins changes an entire generation’s mind about salt water skinny dipping in one of the greatest movies of all time: JAWS (1975).

Scream, Jack, Scream

Scream, Melody, Scream

Scream, Doc, Scream

Doc Copper lends THE THING (1982) a hand…or two.

(Oh, and I saw THE THING prequel last night. If you guessed it’s not as good as Carpenter‘s 1982 masterpiece, you are correct. I will say that the end credits are awesome.)

Scream, Pam, Scream

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