Deadworld…And Cannibal Corpse Are A Bunch Of Pussies

It was the late 80s, I was in my mid-teens and obsessed with comic books and zombie movies…so you can imagine just how excited I was to stumble across a new zombie themed comic at my local comic shop.


Here are the covers for the first 9 issues of DEADWORLD. If I remember correctly, (around issue 5 or so), they started publishing the issues with an explicit and a more tame cover…you know, for the kids.

I just snatched the pics of the covers for the first 9 issues off the internet instead of dragging out my longbox to find my copies.

The art’s by VINCE LOCKE – who’s probably best know for his art on A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE…oh, and his f’ed up watercolor album covers for CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Speaking of Cannibal Corpse, do yourself a favor and watch DAVE HILL, “THE KING OF METAL“, review the Cannibal Corpse album covers….it’s pretty hilarious.


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