Lick It Up


My 2 favorite bands in the 70s were KISS and AC/DC…but by the time 1983 rolled around I believed it was seriously uncool to like KISS any more.

The makeup was gone and their costuming had gone from cool comic book ridiculousness to lame 80s mall-wear ridiculousness. I had become more of the denim and rock t-shirt kind of guy and all this colorful leather pants and ladies shirts business KISS had adopted was embarrassing.


So I gave up on them based on looks alone and didn’t even bother to give the record a listen.

Oh sure, I was familiar with the title track:

But I totally missed out on a solid rocker like “FITS LIKE A GLOVE“.

The good thing about not giving the record a chance in ’83 means it seems like a new KISS record for me in 2013…and seriously, the inner 8 year old in me loves a new KISS record.

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