Saturday Smackdown 52

Saturday night’s alright for fightin’ here at Spectacular Optical! So let’s get physical with some of my favorite fisticuffs film moments with today’s installment of…


You know, it’s not every day that you get to see Sherman Hemsley and Hulk Hogan

get the smackdown from a few goons who work for David Johansen.

But thanks to MR. NANNY (1993) you can totally see that today!

Did y’all know that the original title for this mess was ROUGH STUFF?

It’s true…and David Johansen recorded a horrible theme song called Rough Stuff  for the film (that’s not to be confused with the horrible Adam Ant song from 1990 with the same title).

Here’s the Adam Ant song…just click the link above if you want to subject yourself to Johansen’s Rough Stuff.


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