50 Greatest Cobras

The other day* we shared a link to UNDERSCOOPFIRE!‘s pretty awesome THE 50 GREATEST G.I. JOE CHARACTERS OF ALL TIME…..well, it was only a matter of time until those same experts got together to rank:



There sure were some wackadoodle Cobras (and Cobra affiliates) over the years…but what do you expect from a terrorist organization founded by some out of work schmo from Springfield, USA that blamed the federal government and big business for all of his financial woes?

Oh shit….if we don’t get this whole fiscal cliff mess figured out we just might see the rise of a real life private army/terrorist organization built on broken dreams and soap-selling pyramid schemes! (Seriously…that’s how Cobra started.)


I was pretty pleased to see some of my top picks for the best of Cobra made the list and the top 5 were pretty solid…except for their #3….

I would have placed the one and only bald, mustachioed, bare chested, purple pants and metal-studded suspenders wearing, ex-orthodontist on Cobra’s payroll in that spot:


Oh…and this awesome hunk of man also rocks a cape and a monocle! What what?!

But I ain’t mad, ’cause they certainly got the top 2 spots correct!

Thanks UNDERSCOOPFIRE! for a job well done!

*Here’s my original post to the JOE list: 50 REAL AMERICAN HEROES


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