50 Real American Heroes

Like most boys born in the 70s, I was really into action figures throughout my childhood and into my adolescence.

And like most boys my age STAR WARS was my first love…but then 1982 came around…

EMPIRE was a couple of years old and JEDI was still a year away. This little gap in the SW merchandising universe was the perfect time for the relaunch of  G.I. JOE to enter my life.

There was an amazing comic book, an awesome cartoon, and some of the most bad ass action figures I had ever seen!


I loved my Joes and couldn’t get enough of them….and get this…I played with these toys well into my high school years. I won’t lie, I was more concerned with staging elaborate battles in my bedroom than spending time with any girls in there…(thankfully my priorities changed.)

I didn’t save all my figures and I haven’t bought any in over 20 years, but the Joes still mean a lot to me…so when I saw that UNDERSCOOPFIRE! recruited 12 of the most respected G.I. Joe bloggers, podcasters & collectors and had them put together a list of the greatest G.I. Joe characters of all time I just had to see who made the cut!

They narrowed it down to 50 of ’em to be exact…and they called this list :



So click the link and check it out! If you even have a passing interest in the Joes then you know you know who #1 is….but you just might be surprised who was deemed worthy enough to rank as the best of the best.

I will say that just about every Joe who makes an appearance in the first G.I. JOE comic I bought with my own money made the list…that’s right, even Carl Greer!


Now bring on the bad guys ’cause I’m ready for the greatest COBRAS of all time!

And I’m betting this guy will be at the top of the heap!


2 Responses to “50 Real American Heroes”

  1. HowardtheDeck Says:

    thanks for the love! The Cobra list is actually coming out later today..

  2. 50 Greatest Cobras « Spectacular Optical Corp. Says:

    […] *Here’s my original post to the JOE list: 50 REAL AMERICAN HEROES […]

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