A Symbol Of Luxury

A friend of mine posted this on his Facebook the other day:

“I wish there was a really fancy rapper that talked about owning so many Fabergé eggs.”

I couldn’t agree more…so I freestyled a bit and came up with a little something in his comment section:

You ain’t nuthin’ but a clown just like 009, clockin’ zero dollars and running out of time.

I’ll run up in your octopussy faster than Kamal Khan, snatchin’ all your eggs and out spyin’ James Bond.”

Admittedly, it’s not my best work…but even worse than my poor rhyming skills was the fact that my references seemed to be lost on the masses….

I had to wonder, am I the only one who thinks of OCTOPUSSY (1983) when anyone mentions Fabergé eggs?*


*Oh, in case you were wondering, the subject of Fabergé eggs comes up quite often at Spectacular Optical Headquarters.


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