Michel Fiffe’s DEATHZONE And COPRA

I first heard of this Michel Fiffe guy from one of Chris Sims posts over at COMICS ALLIANCE back in May of this year.

The article was about a 16 page SUICIDE SQUAD fan-comic (limited to 300 copies) Fiffe made called DEATHZONE!

SUICIDE SQUAD was not one of the comics on my reading list back in the 80s but I was familiar enough with the series (and with obsessive comic book worship) to appreciate what Fiffe had created. I didn’t order a copy of DEATHZONE back then…and I didn’t click the link to Fiffe’s website or his Etsy page…but for some reason I did keep thinking about him and the SQUAD over the past 6 months.

Then in early November Sims posted another article about this Fiffe guy and his new SUICIDE SQUAD-inspired comic, COPRA!

The sample pages of Fiffe’s self published endeavor really impressed me and the collector in me just couldn’t pass up grabbing one of the 400 copies he was selling.

This time I did click the links to Fiffe’s website and his Etsy page and got myself the very first issue of COPRA…and while I was there I also got myself a monthly subscription and was lucky enough to purchase the second to last copy of DEATHZONE!

So, click away on those links above and show Fiffe some love and get on board the cult classic COPRA is sure to become…that way you can say you were there when it all started!

Needless to say, I’m pretty jazzed about getting a comic book in the mail again…the last time I had a subscription to a comic was in the 80s…wanna’ know what the first issue I received was?

Sasquatch vs Super-Skrull, bitches!


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