Halloween Haikus 1-9

My good friend Bob has been whipping up some Halloween Haikus over on his Facebook page.

  (Bob doesn’t blog anymore but he’s recently written reviews for ALEX CROSS and ARGO for SEE SAW AUSTIN)

They’ve been so great I just had to share them along with the image he chose to accompany each one.

Here are the first 9 he’s done.

Halloween Haiku #1

Shatner mask vinyl
Makes my breath hot and sour
This year I’ve come home

Halloween Haiku #2

Crystal Lake is calm
I really love Summer camp
Mom… This one’s for you.

Halloween Haiku #3

The day of my birth
Someday, you will see it as

Halloween Haiku #4

Love grants me patience
One thousand years, I’ve waited
She’ll be mine once more

Halloween Haiku #5

I am Lazarus
I am risen, from the pit
Bidden, I have come

Halloween Haiku #6

Heathcliffe on the Moors
Piccadilly and full moon
See you next Wednesday

Halloween Haiku #7

Scenic Overlook
White Colorado snowfall
I’ve always been here

Halloween Haiku #8

My name is Legion
I hope you have faith, Father
For we are many

Halloween Haiku #9

I thought I’d just died…
Was that part of a dream?… or…
Am I dreaming now?

As we creep closer to Halloween I’m sure Bob will be whipping up some more of these wonderful poems…stay tuned!


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