Rereading Stephen King 9

is doing what I’ve thought about doing myself one of these days…rereading all the Stephen King books in chronological order.

I have some fond memories of reading FIRESTARTER in the early 1980s. Especially the part where one of The Shop agents is impaled through his throat on a cornstalk….I wish I could remember the exact sound effect King used to describe the poor guy’s horrible death…
it was nice and wet sounding…

Did you know that The Shop is a reference to Alfred Elton van Vogts novel The Weapon Shops of Isher? Me neither.

Oh, and thanks to the movie (from 1984), I’ve decided that George C. Scott is my favorite one-eyed, half Cherokee, shoe collecting Indi–…uh, Native American ever portrayed on film.

But I digress…let’s get to the link already!



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