103 Coolest Action Figures

After stumbling upon the 100 COOLEST ACTION FIGURES OF ALL TIME list over at UnderScoopFIRE.com I’ve been thinking about some of my old toys a lot more than usual the past few days.

Between my cousin and I, we had some of the coolest 70s toys mothers could buy…and I thought a few of them would make a good edition to the Action Figure list.

Oh, just to let y’all know, I have nothing to do with the original 100 list other than being a fan.

Today I present:

Evel fuckin’ Knievel and his Stunt Cycle!

Here’s a great quote that I have no way of authenticating…but I did find it on the internet, so it must be real…right?

Next year the Ideal Toy Company is going to make a lot of Evel Knievel toys. … One toy I’d like them to make is my own idea; I think it’s the most super toy in the world. You wind it up, it goes like a little bugger, goes across the floor, grabs this little Barbie doll, throws her on the floor, gives her a little lovin’, jumps back on the motorcycle and goes whizzing out the door screaming, ‘G.I. Joe is a faggot!’ — Evel Knievel

 There’s tons on Evel stuff on the web…Google that shiz fer yourself…but if you’re lazy just head on over the EVEL KNIEVEL PAGE brought to you by WEIRD SCIENCE-FANTASY WEB PAGES.

They even have a page dedicated to Evel’s various injuries! Sweet!

Oh, and here’s the VIVA KNIEVEL theme…sorry, it’s gonna’ be stuck in your head for days.

Be sure to keep watching after the song for the awesome opening orphanage scene.

Check out my 101 HERE and 102 HERE


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