Movie Memories With Dad

On Mother’s Day I posted a bunch of trailers for movies I remember seeing with my mom back when I was a kid….you can revisit that post by clicking HERE.

So it only makes sense to do the same for my old man this Father’s Day.

My folks split up when I was young so I really got to double up on going to the movies. Mom was pretty cool about taking me to see some real gems…and so was dad…sometimes more than once in a two week visit.


Dad was concerned ’cause he heard there was a lot of swearing in this one…I promised him there wasn’t. How in the fuck a 5 year old knew how much or how little swearing was in a movie is beyond me…but ol’ dad took my word for it. Whoops.

CAVEMAN (1981)

I got dad to take me to this one twice in the same week!

GOING APE! (1981)

Jesus…dad would sit through anything. My guess is he might have been smoking a bit of the reefer back in ’81.


That’s right…On Golden F’n Pond!

Hey look, “Embedding disabled by request“!


My dad did not take his 9 year old son to see this in the theater…but his crappy second wife did. Gee, thanks for that.

ROCKY III (1982)

I remember throwing up in the theater all over the floor during the first half hour…so dad suggested we move seats and finish watching the film. Awesome dad is awesome.


I begged to see this movie for a week straight. I idolized Robin Williams and had memorized the entire commercial. I made to sure to recite it to dad (and his crappy second wife) every time it aired. Never underestimate the annoying persuasive powers of a 10 year old.

There were a ton more but those particular films really stick out in my mind. Thanks dad…I look forward to letting my son talk me into sitting through all sorts of movies with him on those long summer afternoons.

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