Marvel Team-Up

Yesterday I stumbled upon a post at COMICS ALLIANCE about an interesting try-out submission from a would-be MARVEL penciller. It’s from the 1990s and features everyone’s favorite Canadian Mutant, WOLVERINEand FREDDIE MERCURY?!

You heard me…wanna’ see it?

Pretty sweet, huh? Well, COLLEEN COOVER thought it was so cool that she wanted to try her hand at re-creating the now legendary first meeting of James “Logan” Howlett and Farrokh Bulsara.

Here’s her genius rendering of MERCURY RISING:

Ms. Coover invited other artists to participate by drawing their interpretations of this mind shattering team up. There was one by Costa Koutsoutis…and then Anna Sahrling-Hamm…and then Matthew J. Rainwater…and then Nick Can’t Draw…and then Andrew Meyerhoefer! (Please click on the links to see the wonderful submissions.)

Holy Hannah! All of them were so great I just couldn’t resist getting in on the action! But you know me…I just couldn’t stick to the script and had to do things my own way.

So before I post my submission…a little background. I swiped my entire page  from UNCANNY X-MEN #173. The X-Men were by far and away my favorite comic throughout the 80s and I was totally enamored with Claremont‘s writing and adored Paul Smith‘s artwork. This issue was one of their best and I just had to use it in this silly submission of mine.

I swapped out Rouge for our man, Freddie, and replaced the villainous Viper with bronchial pneumonia. I copied the layout and used most of Claremont’s dialog…the art is a little rough but I think the emotional impact is still there.


Just like all the other pics, please click to enlarge.

Well I sure had fun doing this little exercise…if anyone else plays along be sure to let me know…I’d love to see what y’all come up with!


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