Swamp Thing S:1;E:4

Hey y’all, welcome back! It’s time for us to head out to the Louisiana bayous and check in on the continuing adventures of Swamp Thing!

If you’re new to Spectacular Optical you might not have heard that I plan on watching and blogging about all 72 episodes of the 1990s live action TV show: SWAMP THING THE SERIES!

Today we’re discussing episode 4 (only 68 more posts left!). If  you want to start at the beginning, click HERE for S:1, E:1

Okay then…let’s do this!

Season 1, episode 4: FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Alright, with a title like that I’m positive we’re gonna’ finally get to some monster bashing with this episode! Maybe some zombies…or even a ghost?



What I got was 23 minutes and 36 seconds of the most boring Swamp Thing yet. No zombies…no ghosts…just a lawyer, a missing will, and some dreams of an old lady. Booooring.

So here’s the quickest recap of an episode yet. Savanna Langford is still dead and her daughter, Tressa, and grandson, Jim, miss her dearly. A nebbish lawyer shows up at the Langford house with some bad news…

Seems like Savanna cut Tressa and Jim out of her will and left the house to the County.

Tressa can’t believe this is really happening to her and young Jim. All of her doubts seem to be manifesting themselves into some sepia-toned dreams of her mother singing a song about a ship.

Maybe these dreams are some sort of message from Savanna…from beyond the grave?

Spoiler: they are.

Thankfully Anton Arcane shows up for all of about 5 minutes. He’s behind this whole fake will thing and he’s blackmailed the lawyer into “getting rid” of Tressa before she finds a copy of the original will. He threatens the lawyer’s wife and kids lives and then shoves a hotdog into the poor slob’s mouth just to show he means business.

Swamp Thing does absolutely nothing in this episode except for his standard lurking behind a bush and/or a tree routine. Why this is his series is beyond me. He’s pretty much making cameo appearances at this point.

Tressa’s dreams lead her to a stump in the swamp where her mother hid a copy of the original will.

Man, as soon as she stuck her hand in that stump all I could think about was this scene from FLASH GORDON (1980):

Damn, I love that movie…remember the football fight scene?


Nothing like that happened here though…Tressa just finds the will in a Ziploc freezer bag.

The lawyer shows up with a bow and arrow to kill Tressa but screws it all up and gets eaten by an alligator (off screen). I guess Swampy summoned the alligator to eat the lawyer…it’s not really clear…Swamp Thing just stood behind some leaves and peered at everyone with a constipated look plastered all over his green mug.

Cut to a shirtless Arcane freaking out in his subterranean lair…guess Tressa finding the copy of the original will foiled his evil plans…whatever they were.

Then the episode ends with Tressa and Jim visiting Savanna’s grave. YAWN.

68 more episodes to go! Maybe episode 5 will be good? It’s called BLOOD WIND…as usual the title almost has me hopeful…almost.

So that’s that…stay tuned for more SWAMP THING THE SERIES coverage right here at Spectacular Optical!

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