Weird Spider-Man

The other day my son and I stumbled upon this short lived 1990s Spider-Man cartoon on Netflix.

At first it really left me cold but the boy was into it so we left it on.

The story was a jumbled mess and I wasn’t crazy about the animation…It was all black and blocky…the perspective was off and the anatomy was whack-a-doodle.

But the more we watched it I couldn’t help getting sucked in to its ridiculous Counter-Earth storyline of symbiotes, nanotechnology, freedom fighters, machine men and human-animal hybrids….

And the more we watched it I really started enjoying the animation. The chunky bizarre character designs, pitch black inks, and post-apocalyptic settings felt familiar in a late 60s Underground Comix sort of way.

Imagine if Spain Rodriguez and S. Clay Wilson got together to try their hand at a kid friendly Spider-Man cartoon….well, it’s not that good, but you get the idea.

My son and I (and sometimes Mommy) have watched all 13 episodes of what is affectionately known as Weird Spider-Man in our house and are pretty bummed there’s not a second season.

Oh well, guess we’ll just have to re-watch these episodes…check out the intro and hop on over to Netflix to stream the series if you’re curious.

Oh…and speaking of Weird Spider-Man, here’s my son’s Easter picture:

He totally rules.


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