That’s So Kraven!

I remember when I first saw Kraven the Hunter in one of my uncle’s 1960s Spiderman comic books.

Man, did he look awesome in his lion head vest, zebra wrist cuffs, claw belt, capri stretch pants and ballet slippers…wait…wha?

You heard me. I firmly believed that maniacal big game hunter, Sergei Kravinoff, was one tough looking son of a b.

It wasn’t until my son, wife and I watched an old SPIDERMAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS episode that I realized Kraven’s look was I little…uh…transtasicle?

To be honest, I still thought Kraven looked really bad ass, but my wife pointed out that Mr. Kravinoff looked a whole lot like a Priscilla, Queen of the Serengeti power-top

Hmmm…she could be right…

You can judge for yourself by watching the Kraven episode right now…quick fun fact: Kraven is voiced by Robert Ridgely aka Colonel James from BOOGIE NIGHTS.


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