Hulk Out With Your….

Being a child of the 70s and 80s I have a fondness for adult entertainment that puts a little bit of effort (and humor) into their films…and I do love a good parody every now and again…

Unable to save his one true love from a terrible car crash, scientist David Banner obsessively devotes himself to finding a way to tap into the super-human strength within us all. Although Dr. Banner’s hot research assistant really discovers that sex holds the key to super-human strength, Dr. Banner believes exposure to gamma rays is the link to super-human strength and subjects himself to a high dose of radiation-the result is the Incredible Hulk, not a fearful monster but a super-ripped green-skinned sex machine!

While the Hulk porn parody doesn’t look as awesome as BATMAN XXX: A PORN PARODY (to be fair, the source material isn’t nearly as rich) it’s gotta be better than anything James Cameron directed after 1991.

Check out all the Vivid parodies HERE…if you’re over 18 of course.

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