This means…Dwarr!

Duane Warr is quite possibly the strangest Metal God I’ve never heard of…until now. Thankfully, Drag City has decided to put out 2 of DWARR‘s psychedelic, doom-drenched, outsider metal albums!

I’ve heard him compared to everyone from Black Sabbath to Ariel Pink….just give him a listen and you’ll realize Duane Warr is in a class all by himself.

Check out The Weirdest Band in the World for more on Dwarr (and a bunch of other cool music).


2 Responses to “This means…Dwarr!”

  1. weirdestband Says:

    Thanks for the link-back yo! Dwarr is indeed one of a kind. Glad the word’s getting out on him.

    • Corey Convex Says:

      My pleasure on the link-back!

      I just ordered “Starting Over” and “Animals” on LP the other day…now if I could only get my hands on Dwarr’s Christian records.

      Oh, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of TWBitW but I love the site!

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