How Do I Do It?

You might not know this, but people are always coming up to me saying things like, “Yo Mr. C, you’re a stone cold fox!” and “Hey sweet cheeks, lookin’ good!” and “How in the heck do you keep getting more handsome every year?”

It’s really quite flattering and I’ve never given away my secrets of how I maintain this heavenly body of mine…until now!

I have one woman to thank for all 140 lbs. of my exquisite physique…no, not Jillian Michaels…this gal:

Linnea Quigley!

Thanks to Linnea’s HORROR WORKOUT video and a little self discipline I’m able to keep myself looking (and feeling) great all year round! The exercises are easy to follow, fun, fresh, and guaranteed to make you fabulous!

Don’t believe me? Peep this!

Still not sold? Well head on over to I-Mockery for some in depth coverage, lots of photos, animated gifs, and a 9 minute video highlight compilation to inspire you to get your butt off the couch and get movin’ so you can look as dangerously dapper as yours truly!

Y’all can thank me later.


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