Cole-o-ween: Day 5

Day five of Queue De Grâce is here at Spectacular Optical! As you know by now, Cole of vitagraph, american has taken control of my television set for a whole week! (Just a quick note…it’s looking like Cole-o-ween is a 10 day week instead of the usual 7, who knew?)

Today we are back in America with the 1967 Rankin/Bass Animagic stop-motion puppet musical comedy, MAD MONSTER PARTY!

I have to admit I “cheated” with today’s selection…I actually watched it last Monday so my two year old son, Q, could watch it with me. I’m assuming Cole will forgive me since the rule bending was done in the interest of shaping a young mind and inspiring a future world leader.

I really wanted Q to see this at an early age since I totally missed out on it when I was a child. I didn’t see MMP until I was in my 20s so there was no nostalgia-filter influencing my opinions about what was on the screen….which isn’t necessarily a good thing in this case. I don’t think the film has aged poorly, I just think it should be first experienced at a younger age…especially by anyone born after 1964.

My feelings were  lukewarm about the story back then, even with the talented creator of Mad Magazine, Harvey Kurtzman, on script writing duties….but I loved Mad artist Jack Davis‘ character designs and the Rankin/Bass Animagic stop-motion magic.

I thought Baron von Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) was fantastic but despised the already dusty (even for 1967) vaudeville schtick of Phyllis Diller as the Monster’s Mate character. And speaking of Ms. Diller, while I appreciate the sentiment of the song, I can’t stand her performance of You’re Different“…all her “a-ha-has” drive me up the friggin’ wall.

I know it sounds like I didn’t enjoy today’s pick but nothing could be further from the truth. I can’t stress enough how much I love all the monsters and I even think most of the songs are great. The opening theme is totally groovy and “The Mummy”  by Little Tibia and the Fibias had me and Q doing our best versions of all 3 movements of The Rich Man’s Frug (minus all the smoking) in our living room….yeah, that’s a SWEET CHARITY reference…get over it.

I bet you’re wondering what the little man thought of all the wacky shenanigans and I’ll tell you in the breakdown…

Things Q liked:

  • Every “scary” monster, bat and skeleton because they were “scary”
  • The big monkey
  • The Mummy song
  • The airplanes

Things Q disliked:

  • All the blah, blah, blah from the non monsters (not including The Baron)
  • Robot Batman was not in MMP
  • Scooby-Doo and Shaggy were also absent from MMP

Overall, MMP was a success and I hope to make it an October viewing tradition for Q…but I’m ready for some more adult fare and I think tomorrow is about to bring the sleaze….


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